2014 Vancouver Pet Lover Show: Why This Event is a Must-See for Local Dog Lovers

The ultimate Vancouver Pet Lover Show is coming up soon, and it's one you definitely shouldn't miss! Just after Valentine's Day in the New Year, treat yourself to something you'll really love, and visit the Tradex Convention Centre in Abbotsford, B.C. on February 15th and 16th for this animal show that is built for pet lovers. With informative seminars, shows, and exhibits by top professionals in the industry, the Pet Lover Show is certain to wow anyone and everyone who is fond of our furry friends.

Looking for Some New Dog Walking Areas? Explore These Hiking Trails Around Vancouver

There are many dog-walking areas in Vancouver that will not only provide great exercise for your pet, but will get your blood pumping as well! Take advantage of having a dog and living in Vancouver, and join the two benefits together by experiencing these great hiking trails nearby. With these hiking trails, Vancouver dog walking has a whole new meaning!

Stay Close to Home: Deer Lake Park