Looking for Some New Dog Walking Areas? Explore These Hiking Trails Around Vancouver

There are many dog-walking areas in Vancouver that will not only provide great exercise for your pet, but will get your blood pumping as well! Take advantage of having a dog and living in Vancouver, and join the two benefits together by experiencing these great hiking trails nearby. With these hiking trails, Vancouver dog walking has a whole new meaning!

Stay Close to Home: Deer Lake Park

If you and your pooch would prefer to spend more time hiking than driving, you may want to visit Deer Lake Park, which is located not far from Vancouver in Burnaby. This park offers an easy, flat walk about 2 hours long, where you and your dog can enjoy the scenery and views of the lake. This park is open year-round and in the summer months is popular for its beach area and pier.

The Name Says it All: Dog Mountain

As if the name weren't enough of an indicator, Dog Mountain on the North Shore offers three dog-friendly hiking trails that are great for beginners or those getting back into the sport of hiking. With a great deal of ease, you and your dog can enjoy the Dog Mountain trails while staying close to home and submersing yourselves in the nature of Vancouver at the same time. From Mount Seymour, enjoy the 5km return hike and get your two hours of exercise with your pooch. This trail is open from June to October.

Become Enlightened: Lighthouse Park

Known around the city and popular for its spectacular views of Burrard Inlet and its massive Douglas fir trees, Lighthouse Park is another dog-friendly option for enjoying nature while exercising. This West Vancouver park is great for a relatively easy and quick hike with your dog. There are several trails offered at the park, most with just slight hills to ascend and descend.

Intermediate in Whistler: Ancient Cedars Trail

If you feel it's time for you and your dog to graduate from the easier hikes, it might be time to do a day trip or an overnighter in Whistler to take advantage of the intermediate trail at Ancient Cedars. This trail follows a scenic, forested route that takes you to the viewpoint of many ancient, massive cedar trees. To reach the trail, you and your pooch must drive 4.5 kilometres up the gravel service road of Cougar Mountain. The bridge marks the start and end point of the trail, where a waterfall will likely tempt you for a cool-off when you're finished, especially on a hot summer's day. This trail is 5 kilometres long and takes about two hours to hike, and is open from June to October. The best thing about living in Vancouver as a dog owner is not only being able to hike trails that are surrounded by nature, but also being able to move your way up the different levels. With so many hiking trails to choose from, you and your pooch have plenty of 'to-dos' to mark off your list.

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