We want things to be easier for you. Sometimes things come up and we know you want your dog to continue getting the love and attention you would give them. Sharing their company with someone who cares about them is better for both of you and much better for your pet. Share the care.

We’re about community. We want you to find a great home for your pet or the right pooch to keep you company but above all, we want to connect you. It’s a new relationship for your four-legged friend but also a new connection for you.

Sharing the love of our furry friends is one way to connect. Let’s be better neighbours, say hello, and take care of each other.

Our Mission
Part Time Pooch will connect those that want dogs
on a part-time basis, with those that have dogs
and are open to boarding options.

At Part Time Pooch we combine sustainable living ideas and a desire to bring better care for pets to give you North America's premier dog sharing service.

The interactive and social environment of a loving home places a sense of security in your pet and helps with their well being.

We value social sustainability concepts such as community, sharing, and promoting personal interaction. These ideas are what inspired Part Time Pooch. With this, we are creating a local community of dog-lovers, whether you currently own a dog, or simply wish to experience the joy dogs can bring, there is a place for any dog enthusiast with our service.

Our Vision
To be North America's premier dog care needs site.