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Part time Pooch connects dog owners with trusted dog lovers looking for a buddy!

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It can be anything from walking a dog to an extended stay. Care and arrangement are done between Host and Owner.

Building Communities

"Since taking an interest in social sustainability, I wanted to build a business that strengthens communities by people getting to know their neighbours."

- Gavin Flett, Founder

Find someone to share the care of your dog.

Dog owners are connected to dog lovers you can trust.
Dog lovers get their fix without 24/7 commitment.
Hosts do it for the love of the dog, not for the money.

I am so glad that I found this site! When I first adopted Chewy 5 years ago, I had a job which allowed him to come in to work with me every day. Times have changed, and it has left him alone in our apartment for about 8 hours a day. Part Time Pooch has put me in contact with a wonderful woman who works from home, shares the same interests as me, and most importantly enjoys taking Chewy out for daytime walks in the park. Thank you for making Chewy’s days awesome!

Melissa B | Vancouver, BC

Great site! This week I had the chance to connect with a fellow nurse who misses dog ownership but can't commit full time to a pet of her own. She fell in love with my border collie Finnigan and plans to take him hiking with her! I'm so grateful to have made this connection as it is difficult to exercise my high energy pooch after a long shift at the hospital. Everybody is happy...especially Finnigan :)

Finnigan | Vancouver, BC

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Paying for kennels, daycares, sitters, and dog walkers is a thing of the past. Part Time Pooch gives you the tools you need to find a safe, stable, and stress free homecare environment for your dog while you are away.

Part Time Pooch hosts care for the dogs from the kindness of their hearts, free of charge. Dog sharing is having one or two good friends your furry pal can count on when life gets demanding.